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Wai Hei Cheung (Ryan) is a classical violinist from Hong Kong. Cheung began studying piano at the age of five and started taking violin lessons at the age of six. In 2012, Cheung received the Recital Diploma of ‘Associate Trinity College London’ (ATCL) in violin with distinction. Cheung was active in the Hong Kong School Music Festival and received a 2nd and a 3rd place. He was musically involved since his early ages. He participated various ensembles during his primary and secondary school years,  which includes the string orchestra, symphony orchestra, and multiple choral groups. One of which, Hosanna Singers, had represented the school and Hong Kong to compete in the World choir games in 2014 and got a third place in the open competition. While studying at Azusa Pacific University (APU), Cheung was a member of the APU Symphony Orchestra, Studio Orchestra, University Choir and Orchestra, and a handful of chamber ensembles, and section leading for APU Chamber Singers.

        Cheung holds bachelor degrees in Violin Performance and Music Education at Azusa Pacific University, where he studied with Dr. Alex Russell. Cheung is currently serving as a violin, viola, and piano teacher at multiple music schools and studios. He is also a member of the Sterling Ensemble, where he records and performs as a vocalist.

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Today was my third lesson with Ryan. He's easy to follow, and he's patient with me which is great. He's allowing me to go at my own speed, and we are moving right along. He doesn't push, and he's encouraging which helps keep me motivated. He's funny and we get along just great. He played a little for me at my last session at my request, and it brought me to tears. He plays beautifully! I look forward to my sessions.

Michel C.

Uh Ryan is great. Been doing it on my own for 3 months and can scale and vibrato but knew I needed hands on help. Within just the first two classes he made wonderful critique adjustemnts that caused immediate results. Excited for more.

Bradley T.

My teacher Ryan was very patient. He cared about me and about the speed at which I can learn. Ryan was thorough in his instruction and gave me homework. I am so happy to feel I can learn the violin. Thank you Ryan!

Rosemary S.


Great teacher. He was my music theory tutor, and I was able to skip past two college theory courses within about a week of hour-long tutoring sessions. 

From my experience, he works with what you have: he finds your strengths and helps you to learn based on how he believes you'll best receive new information or inspiration. He is able to communicate concepts in many different ways, and always makes sure you understand. He is not long-winded, but communicates the necessary information in a way that is straight-to-the-point, and does not waste time giving his students "busy work," but instead gives them exercises that are directly or indirectly helpful every time. He is a patient teacher, and does not make you feel like you will be left behind. He passionate about teaching and his students, and he does a great job at teaching.

Melody H.


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