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Years of Experience and Proven Results


    Wai Hei Cheung (Ryan) grew up in Hong Kong, a multi-cultural city. His parents are not musicians, however, they always brought him to various music concerts, including solo and orchestral performances such as Hilary Hahn’s violin concert, both western and Chinese operas, and musicals, etc. At the age of five, Ryan started taking piano lessons as well as learning basic music theories with his mother’s piano teacher.  Ryan’s huge interest music especially on violin caught his parents’ attention, so they enrolled him to a new music school named International Christian Quality Music Secondary and Primary school (ICQM) when he was six, which ICQM was where Ryan received his formal violin training. Furthermore, Ryan was introduced to the choral world through singing the Hong Kong Treble Choir, where the teacher noticed Ryan’s talent in music and highly encouraged his development in music.

    During the twelve years in ICQM, Ryan was exposed to the western music world. Ryan received formal training in music theory, music history, music appreciation, private instrumental lessons including both violin and guitar, music composition, choral and orchestral classes. Ryan was highly active in the Hong Kong School Music Festival (HKSMF), which he represented ICQM to compete in different classes such as violin solo, violin sonata, violin duet, Choir, and Orchestra. He was awarded the 2nd place in 2010 and 3rd place in 2012 on violin solo. Ryan was part of Grace Choir when it received the 2nd place in the choral class in 2008 and Hosanna Singers when it was awarded the “Yearly Best Secondary School Mixed Voice Choir” Award as well as the “Yearly Best Secondary School Choir Award in the 66th HKSMF (2014). In the same year, Hosanna Singers represented both Hong Kong and ICQM to join the 2014 World Choir Games in Latvia and received the 3rd place in open competition in Sacred Music.

    Ryan enrolled at Azusa Pacific University (APU) for Violin Performance in 2015, when he decided to turn his music hobbies into his future career. He was in the studio of Alex Russell. Studying in APU broaden Ryan music perspective from only Classical to Jazz, studio works, and Pop. Ryan was a member of the APU Symphony Orchestra, Studio Orchestra, Chamber Singers, and University Choir and Orchestra as well as chamber strings. In 2016, Ryan was honored to performed in the Experience Music Project by J. Michael O’Neal, a L.A. based Jazz pianist and APU music faculty. Even though violin was the emphasis, Ryan did not stop involving in the Choral World but eager to go further through singing for APU chamber Singers, and competing in 15th International Chamber Choir Competition in Marktoberdorf and Florilège Vocal de Tours in 2017. In Ryan’s junior year in APU, he decided to add Music Education as his second major in order to prepare for his music teaching career in the future.

Through my unique and personalized teaching methods, my students are able to develop study habits and effective learning strategies that last. My greatest joy is watching students succeed and unlock their own potential. Contact me and see how my services can benefit you today!

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