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    "That students would gain the ability to communicate through music is what I look forward to seeing; This is my purpose of teaching music."

Reason of Teaching

 “Music is a universal language” has long been one of my major views towards music. In the current world, there are approximately seven thousand spoken languages. No matter what language one speaks, music can always be an effective way to communicate thoughts and ideas. I would like to see more and more people having such ability to communicate with people who are different with them.

    Furthermore, this universal language is an effective tool in expressing emotions and feelings, which can create a better society through prevent or deal with psychological issues and mental illnesses The field of music therapy has been significantly growing in the recent years, which evidences music’s ability in healing people with emotional, cognitive, or social needs, helping them to express their feelings through singing, creating, moving or listening to music. The function of music teacher is to introduce students to music and guide them to the experience of communicating their emotions and feelings through music.


Technique and Artistry 

Technique can be imagined as the structure of a building, which defines the height a building can reach. No different with sports, violin skills require consistent practice to develop and maintain. Scales including arpeggios, thirds and sixth, and octaves, etudes written by Kaiser, Kreutzer, and Sevcik, and the students’ ability in creating exercises to tackle certain skills are the essential foundations to support students to further success in their violin playing journey.

    Artistry is the design and external appearance of a building, which is the part that attracts and connects most of the audiences. In order to develop students’ artistry, I encourage students to memorize their pieces, watch different interpretations, walk while they practice, and do score studies.


Qualities and Attitudes development 

In the process of learning violin, I would like to enhance the student’s personal development, such as self-discipline towards daily living from the constant practice, the confidence to stand and perform in front of a crowd, and patience and problem-solving skills from tackling difficult passages.

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